2012 April

To the Sea in Ships

Ruach Yam (Sea Breeze), Bat Yam Jul 2011 Gordon & Gordon Art   We spent the week of July 17th at the Sea Breeze artist colony on the beach in Bat Yam, Israel. It was the first of it’s k...

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Ask the Artists a Question

Worldwide 2012 Gordon & Gordon Art In most of our performance work, there is a distance between us and our audience. We’ve gotten feedback that people have questions at the time of our perfo...

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64 Lions

Jerusalem Apr-May 2012 Gordon & Gordon Art Time for the next phase of the lion project. This year, 64 lions in three weeks. In 24 hours, we have been able to paint 22 lions. We started after the f...

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63 Lions

Jerusalem May 2011 Gordon & Gordon Art   During the 3 weeks between Israel’s 63rd Indendence Day and 44th Jerusalem Day, we set ourselves the task of painting 63 lions. The lions are th...

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Cup and Cups

Ariel Feb 2010 with Rachel Gordon In late January and early February, I had a show of paintings and drawing at the Ariel Cultural Center with Rachel Gordon. She had photographs of left behind cups....

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My House/Your House

Bat Yam, Israel August 2011 During a week long residency at the Ruach Yam (Sea Breeze) Artist Colony in Bat Yam, I built 2 flat house sculptures. The houses were made from scrap lumber and papier-m√Ęch...

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Chocolate Frosted Village

Jerusalem Apr 2012 I have been working with the house image for about 2 years now. I have built, drawn, printed, and painted a large number of small, medium, and large houses. There are about 4,000 ho...

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