2012 June

Flat Pak Animals

Jerusalem Summer 2012 I have started work on a set of wooden sculptures. The idea is to build small animals that can be packed up and shipped off, IKEA style. The first fully Flat Pak Animal is Horse...

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Installing Keep Walking Little Man

Jerusalem Summer 2012 I have been working for three weeks painting the Keep Walking Little Man piece around Jerusalem. I have completed about 130 of 1000. I have been attracting small crowds as I work...

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Installing House

Jerusalem Summer 2012 I have been installing House around the city in the last few weeks. So far, 7 sets of House have been placed around the city. The first three sets are part of Tabula Rasa, in the...

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Flag Day (1996)

Video 14 Jun 96 Originally performed on 14 Jun 1996, Flag Day, is a durational performance. The piece was produced in a large lecture hall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I recited the Pledge...

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Shuk Mahane Yehuda, Jerusalem Spring 2012 I was invited to contribute a set of houses to the Tabula Rasa is a public art project. The project, organized by the Jerusalem Municipality, brings together ...

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