2012 July

ConnellyArt Studio Closing

ConnellyArt Studio, 88 Agrippas 2010-2012 The Shuk Kanyon, The Iriya, Jerusalem Design Center The ConnellyArt studio, at 88 Agrippas is closing soon. After 2 years (and a few weeks), I am moving out o...

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Give & Take

Jerusalem 20 July 12 Gordon & Gordon Art This durational performance was performed at Teze baHutz, in Jerusalem, Israel. We both wore houses sized, designed, and built specifically for each of us...

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The Trees Have Eyes

Straus at Jaffo 12 Jul Waiting for a bus on Straus at Jaffo. I saw this beautiful tree. The traffic was backed up because of rail repairs on the light rail. I had to wait for a while. I couldn’t...

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Update on Teapot Tipul (טיפת טיפול)

Jerusalem Jul 2012 Connelly and unknown collaborators In the 2 months since I painted Teapot Tipul (טיפת טיפול) (A Drop of Treatment) across the street from Angel’s Bakery on Beit haDafus, there...

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Flat Pak Animals, Ass

Jerusalem Summer 2012 Flat Pak Animal #4, Ass. Made from a whole chair, plus a scrap lumber prop, and rush weaving from a second chair.                  ...

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