How to Destroy a Gallery

Maribor, Slovenia April 2008 La Vitrine Gallery “Group exhibition with open call Because of many reasons, one of the most active gallery project in city of Maribor (Slovenia) is closing down. La...

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Bye Bye Baby

Photographic Record 2005-2012 Gordon & Gordon Art Reminders of babies are everywhere – lost pacifiers, abandoned toys, left diapers, broken strollers, forgotten  bottles. This collection of...

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A Little Bit Extra

Art Concept 4, St Petersburg, Russia August 2008 Gordon & Gordon Art   Conceptual Performance. The theme of the festival was ‘no violence’. During the course of the festival,  eac...

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Fissure Fix

Cleveland, OH Aug 2013 I repaired a 6′ 2″ crack in a telephone pole with wood putty, and coated the repair with gold leaf. It is at Meech Ave & East 99th St, Cleveland, OH.  GPS positi...

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Right Turn on Red with Caution

Cleveland, Oh Future Here is a new piece in development. The piece will be a driving video in the Ohio City area. I have started working tobuild the piece. Still lots of issues to work out. I am hopin...

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ConnellyArt Studio Closing

ConnellyArt Studio, 88 Agrippas 2010-2012 The Shuk Kanyon, The Iriya, Jerusalem Design Center The ConnellyArt studio, at 88 Agrippas is closing soon. After 2 years (and a few weeks), I am moving out o...

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Ask the Artists a Question

Worldwide 2012 Gordon & Gordon Art In most of our performance work, there is a distance between us and our audience. We’ve gotten feedback that people have questions at the time of our perfo...

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