Project x1k

Cleveland, OH Summer 2014 In an ongoing effort to put art work in public spaces for passersby to encounter, I have begun a large scale piece called Project x1k. In the coming months, I will distribute...

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How to Destroy a Gallery

Maribor, Slovenia April 2008 La Vitrine Gallery “Group exhibition with open call Because of many reasons, one of the most active gallery project in city of Maribor (Slovenia) is closing down. La...

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Fissure Fix

Cleveland, OH Aug 2013 I repaired a 6′ 2″ crack in a telephone pole with wood putty, and coated the repair with gold leaf. It is at Meech Ave & East 99th St, Cleveland, OH.  GPS positi...

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The Measure of All Things

Cleveland, OH Spring 13 The title of the piece “The Measure of All Things” is taken from the Greek sophist Protagoras: “Man is the measure of all things: of things which are, that they are, and...

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Tree Village

Rail Coridor, Jerusalem Sept 2012 53 paper mache houses hung from trees along the light rail tracks, Jerusalem. The houses were hung in pairs, one high and one low. When the wind blew the houses swaye...

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Goodbye, Goodbye

Jerusalem Sept 2012 My last house piece in Jerusalem. I distributed 39 small wooden block houses around the city during my last  week living in Jerusalem. I left them around the areas I usually walked...

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Block House

Yefe Nof, Jerusalem Sept 2012 Forty-nine small wooden houses, installed beside a road in Jerusalem. The houses are visible from the road. The houses were made from two long boards. They are small squa...

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Iron Song

Skizze Gallery, Jerusalem 6 Sept 2012 The piece began with a drawing from a number of years ago. The drawing was of an empty white shirt holding a steam iron. I have wanted to do a performance of iron...

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House (Ben Yehuda)

Ben Yehuda Pedestrian Mall 1-2 Aug 2012 Sadly the installation didn’t last 12 hours. I want to thank everyone who has contributed to this piece: Moshiko, at the rail project, the Weinstein Famil...

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ConnellyArt Studio Closing

ConnellyArt Studio, 88 Agrippas 2010-2012 The Shuk Kanyon, The Iriya, Jerusalem Design Center The ConnellyArt studio, at 88 Agrippas is closing soon. After 2 years (and a few weeks), I am moving out o...

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