The Trees Have Eyes

Straus at Jaffo 12 Jul Waiting for a bus on Straus at Jaffo. I saw this beautiful tree. The traffic was backed up because of rail repairs on the light rail. I had to wait for a while. I couldn’t...

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Installing Keep Walking Little Man

Jerusalem Summer 2012 I have been working for three weeks painting the Keep Walking Little Man piece around Jerusalem. I have completed about 130 of 1000. I have been attracting small crowds as I work...

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Installing House

Jerusalem Summer 2012 I have been installing House around the city in the last few weeks. So far, 7 sets of House have been placed around the city. The first three sets are part of Tabula Rasa, in the...

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Shuk Mahane Yehuda, Jerusalem Spring 2012 I was invited to contribute a set of houses to the Tabula Rasa is a public art project. The project, organized by the Jerusalem Municipality, brings together ...

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המשך ללכת איש קטן (Keep Walking Little Man)

Jerusalem Summer 2012 1000 small paintings in public spaces. The piece is being made live, mostly during the day, throughout Jerusalem. It is part of my on-going efforts to make work daily, enjoyable,...

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Teapot Tipul (טיפת טיפול) (A Drop of Treatment)

Across from Angel’s Bakery 16 May 2012 An onsite painting . Teapot Tipul (טיפת טיפול) (A Drop of Treatment)  is a loose bilingual pun. The English word “Teapot” is pronounced the sam...

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Lucy & Linus

Lucy & Linus Sept 2012 Part of the Ossuary Traveling Show Lucy & Linus is a sculpture for Laurie Beth Clark’s Ossuary project. The piece is two sets of clothing. Lucy is a skirt, blouse,...

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To the Sea in Ships

Ruach Yam (Sea Breeze), Bat Yam Jul 2011 Gordon & Gordon Art   We spent the week of July 17th at the Sea Breeze artist colony on the beach in Bat Yam, Israel. It was the first of it’s k...

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My House/Your House

Bat Yam, Israel August 2011 During a week long residency at the Ruach Yam (Sea Breeze) Artist Colony in Bat Yam, I built 2 flat house sculptures. The houses were made from scrap lumber and papier-mâch...

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Chocolate Frosted Village

Jerusalem Apr 2012 I have been working with the house image for about 2 years now. I have built, drawn, printed, and painted a large number of small, medium, and large houses. There are about 4,000 ho...

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