A Little Bit Extra

Art Concept 4, St Petersburg, Russia August 2008 Gordon & Gordon Art   Conceptual Performance. The theme of the festival was ‘no violence’. During the course of the festival,  eac...

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You Are Already a Winner

Postal System Spring/Summer 1996 All volunteers In an unsolicited mailing, I was awarded a consolation prize in the $10,000,000.00 $WEEP$TAKE$ CLEARINGHOUSE Giveaway. The mailing gave me a prize vouch...

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Fissure Fix

Cleveland, OH Aug 2013 I repaired a 6′ 2″ crack in a telephone pole with wood putty, and coated the repair with gold leaf. It is at Meech Ave & East 99th St, Cleveland, OH.  GPS positi...

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Right Turn on Red with Caution

Cleveland, Oh Future Here is a new piece in development. The piece will be a driving video in the Ohio City area. I have started working tobuild the piece. Still lots of issues to work out. I am hopin...

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Iron Song

Skizze Gallery, Jerusalem 6 Sept 2012 The piece began with a drawing from a number of years ago. The drawing was of an empty white shirt holding a steam iron. I have wanted to do a performance of iron...

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Song of Twenty (שיר של עשרים)

Jerusalem 3 Aug 2012 The performer, Joseph Connelly, throws 20 shekels into the air in each verse, 7 verses each verse a different denomination (10 agurot, half shekel, shekel, 2 shekel, 5 shekel, 10...

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ConnellyArt Studio Closing

ConnellyArt Studio, 88 Agrippas 2010-2012 The Shuk Kanyon, The Iriya, Jerusalem Design Center The ConnellyArt studio, at 88 Agrippas is closing soon. After 2 years (and a few weeks), I am moving out o...

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Give & Take

Jerusalem 20 July 12 Gordon & Gordon Art This durational performance was performed at Teze baHutz, in Jerusalem, Israel. We both wore houses sized, designed, and built specifically for each of us...

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Installing Keep Walking Little Man

Jerusalem Summer 2012 I have been working for three weeks painting the Keep Walking Little Man piece around Jerusalem. I have completed about 130 of 1000. I have been attracting small crowds as I work...

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Flag Day (1996)

Video 14 Jun 96 Originally performed on 14 Jun 1996, Flag Day, is a durational performance. The piece was produced in a large lecture hall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I recited the Pledge...

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