Installing House

Jerusalem Summer 2012 I have been installing House around the city in the last few weeks. So far, 7 sets of House have been placed around the city. The first three sets are part of Tabula Rasa, in the...

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Shuk Mahane Yehuda, Jerusalem Spring 2012 I was invited to contribute a set of houses to the Tabula Rasa is a public art project. The project, organized by the Jerusalem Municipality, brings together ...

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Lucy & Linus

Lucy & Linus Sept 2012 Part of the Ossuary Traveling Show Lucy & Linus is a sculpture for Laurie Beth Clark’s Ossuary project. The piece is two sets of clothing. Lucy is a skirt, blouse,...

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Jerusalem 2011 Part of the ongoing effort to make house forms out of scrap lumber. Each Ticket is about 9 x 6 cm. All hand painted, drawn, numbered and, signed....

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