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Jerusalem 2010 Gordon & Gordon Art   Record keeping is a central aspect of the process of infertility treatment. Coming to a point of insensitivity of discussing intimacies with total strange...

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Flag Day (1996)

Video 14 Jun 96 Originally performed on 14 Jun 1996, Flag Day, is a durational performance. The piece was produced in a large lecture hall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I recited the Pledge...

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Video Fall 2004 Tyler Kisorek Tyler Kisorek made this simple, beautiful video for my Non-Statics Forms class, UW-Madison. He worked all semester with Math as the subject of his work. He made some othe...

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Ask the Artists a Question

Worldwide 2012 Gordon & Gordon Art In most of our performance work, there is a distance between us and our audience. We’ve gotten feedback that people have questions at the time of our perfo...

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