ConnellyArt Studio Closing

ConnellyArt Studio, 88 Agrippas
The Shuk Kanyon, The Iriya, Jerusalem Design Center

The ConnellyArt studio, at 88 Agrippas is closing soon.

After 2 years (and a few weeks), I am moving out of my studio space in the Shuk Kanyon. It has been a wonderful experience. When I moved in Jul 2010, I was one of about 20 artists/designers in the space.  As time went by, there were fewer and fewer artists. Within a few months, there were 6 of us. By April 2011, there were three artists left. By June, I was alone. I have been there since.

In the last few months, all the floors in the empty former studio spaces and shuk stalls have been jack hammered into rubble.

Please stop by and see the place before it is all gone.

Here is a write up on the  88 Agrippas Studio project, from Only In Jerusalem Magazine,  2010, when the project was just getting started.

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