Installing House

Summer 2012

I have been installing House around the city in the last few weeks. So far, 7 sets of House have been placed around the city. The first three sets are part of Tabula Rasa, in the neighborhood next to the shuk. I do not expect the houses to stay in put.

1. Dekel #3

2. Beit Yaakov #10

3. HaShikma #4

The other four sets have been set up in different empty fields around the city.

4. Jaffa Rd, old central bus station

5. Jaffa Rd, old central bus station

6. Givat Mordechai Interchange, above the Begin Tunnel

7. Dostai Rd, behind a parking lot

8. Kore haDorot, empty lot

9. HeHalutz, abandoned lot

10. Bezalel, empty parking lot

11. Near the Begin, empty lot

12. Near Givat Ram, empty lot

13. HaMuseumim, hillside

14. Metudella, edge of a park

15. Near Palmach, empty lot


Watch for House in an empty lot near you.

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