Installing Keep Walking Little Man

Summer 2012

I have been working for three weeks painting the Keep Walking Little Man piece around Jerusalem. I have completed about 130 of 1000.

I have been attracting small crowds as I work.  So far the responses have been very positive. I have met some nice people who immediately identify what I am doing as street art. A side benefit of the piece is my Hebrew is improving with each conversation.

I had a group of young boys watch my documenting in Beit Vegan. We talked for a moment. I set off for the next one. I started in working when they ran from the previous one to where I was. They stood around, talking among themselves and asking me questions. Their presence made me more conspicuous. A group of girls joined them and stood by watching and talking and asking questions. One of the moms decided what was so interesting to the kids. She asked what I was doing. I was expecting to be told to finish and go. Instead, she responded very positively. She said it was beautiful. As I set off, the three boys asked which way I was going. When I told them, they were disappointed that they wouldn’t be able to follow me to the next.

At a site near Har Nof, a motorcycle delivery man was watching me. He started making noises to get my attention. When I looked up, he gave me the thumbs up, a wink, revved his engine and rode off.

The only negative responses so far were outside the Unemployment Office. I had just finished my weekly check in at the Unemployment Office, when I saw a set of little men that needed painting.

The guards from the Unemployment Office came out and told me I was not allowed to paint the metal plates and the sidewalk. “They are city property, you need permission to do that”, they said. I said, “They belong to Bezeq. And I have been painting them all over the city.” That seemed to satisfy them. Telling the truth is always the best policy, even if it doesn’t really make any sense.

A few minutes later, someone from building maintenance came out and told me the police would fine me, and I needed to stop. I stayed calm, kept working, and then left quickly. First negative encounter while working on the piece.

If you see me working, please stop by and talk. If you find a Little Man, let me know. I am interested in knowing how they are received and how they survive.

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4 Responses to Installing Keep Walking Little Man

  • אלון
    July 4, 2012

    עכשיו ראיתי אחת בשכונת ארנונה
    תודה רבה על החווייה

  • joseph
    July 11, 2012

    I live in Baka. I run around the area a lot. I just saw a title but didn’t know what it was. I can’t remember where I saw it. Either I was running or I was walking somewhere, maybe with my little kids, and stopped and read the title, understood it, and kept going. I thought it was like street art but didn’t know it was a series. My wife got an email from somebody with a link to your site. She wanted me to read it. It was open on the computer and I just read it now. I’ll be on the lookout for the titles now. I’m trying to create an Italian street painting festival here. Chalk art on the sidewalk. Wish me luck.

  • anne
    July 26, 2012

    I took a short cut down some steps near where I live and was delighted to find 3 little men, stopped a while and enjoyed them. I like the humour and the carefulness, and the quiet contribution to the city. A gift – reminder of caring and appreciation of Jerusalem, liveliness and fun. Made me rethink the word initiative because of the way the work starts something new and seems refreshing

    • M.E.
      June 16, 2013

      It’s a small token of a mighty message, a tiny impression that delivers heavy impact, because it highlights an important message for all mankind, for even the “small man” is encouraged to “keep walking”. Angels cannot go from strength to strength; That is a physical constraint endemic to its species – whereas man can walk, and, that means, go and grow from strength to strength – whoever he may be.

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