Right Turn on Red with Caution

Cleveland, Oh

Here is a new piece in development. The piece will be a driving video in the Ohio City area. I have started working tobuild the piece. Still lots of issues to work out. I am hoping to have the video ready by early Spring.

I already need to thank the City of Cleveland, Public Works, Streets Division, Signal Engineering for all their help.  Andrew Cross, one of the engineers, spent some time on the phone helping me shop for a possible locations around the city. Although the piece will most likely not take place in the downtown intersections we talked about, his willingness to discuss this piece is a testament to how good city service is.

He and I talked about traffic lights and intersections for a while. His help has started me thinking about other pieces. More importantly, I have started paying attention to the signals with a better idea of the people who work to keep them up and running.



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