Skizze Gallery, Jerusalem
Jan 2012
Gordon & Gordon Art

Plant a seed; give it water; add some light and heat. Maybe sing it a song. Sow and wait for sprouts.

Sprouts is an infertility ritual and is part of our continuing exploration of infertility through art.

Rachel sat on a table in a grotto with large white beans in her lap. She hummed a lullaby and crocheted chains of yarn. Joseph lit a candle, plucked a bean from Rachel’s lap. He took the bean, the burned match, and a small clear container of dirt. He walked into the outer plaza area and planted the bean in the dirt, and watered it. He returned to the grotto and cut the length of yarn Rachel had crocheted. He took the crocheted ‘sprout’ out and layed it on the dirt.

The piece was 81 cycles, and lasted approximately 2 hours.

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