The Trees Have Eyes

Straus at Jaffo
12 Jul

Waiting for a bus on Straus at Jaffo. I saw this beautiful tree. The traffic was backed up because of rail repairs on the light rail. I had to wait for a while. I couldn’t stop looking at the tree. When suddenly I saw it had a set of eye sockets. I didn’t have time to work just then. I sent a friend a message to remind me later to “Paint a Tree”. After a long day of work, meetings, and a class, I was ready to head home.

I took the bus back to the bus stop on Straus. Walked up to the tree and started adding the whites of the eyes. Then waiting for the paint to dry, I looked inconspicuous, listening to the New York Dolls, Burning Ambitions, and Lou Reed just outside of Mea Shearim. I put in the pupils. A man at the bus stop came over and asked me a question. I couldn’t understand him. He spoke faster than I could translate in my head. He asked “English?”, then said “You didn’t sign it.”

I told him it wasn’t finished. I had decided I wasn’t going to sign it, but his comment sounded more like a command. I put a little blue square on the sidewalk at the foot of the tree. ¬†After the pupils were dry, I inked in the irises and left. I got a couple of night pictures. They are blurry.

Rachel Gordon took a bunch of photos today.

At night, you can see the eyes from inside the passing trains. During the day, they don’t show up so well from a distance.


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2 Responses to The Trees Have Eyes

  • Sam
    August 2, 2012

    I use this bus stop nearly every day and did see the new addition t the tree. Lots of passers-by notice it and even take pictures.

  • celestina
    November 8, 2012

    hi joe! i just saw this tree yesterday!!!!!!!!!!
    had no idea it was you :)

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