You Are Already a Winner

Postal System
Spring/Summer 1996
All volunteers

In an unsolicited mailing, I was awarded a consolation prize in the $10,000,000.00 $WEEP$TAKE$ CLEARINGHOUSE Giveaway. The mailing gave me a prize voucher, with the opportunity to purchase my prize for I solicited responses for which prize I should “claim”. I was “awarded $220.00 of prize credit voucher, which may be applied toward your choice of one of the following products: 1. RCA COMPLETE HOME STEREO SYSTEM 2. FIFTH AVENUE 5-PC DESIGNER LUGGAGE COLLECTION 3. XAVIER “MASTERPIECE” HIS & HERS DIAMOND WRISTWATCH SET 4. OSCAR DE LA RENTA 5-PC LUGGAGE SET” I solicited votes from people as to which prize I should select. The prize of choice was the XAVIER “MASTERPIECE” HIS & HERS DIAMOND WRISTWATCH SET, REFERENCE RETAIL $289.95. With the prize voucher good for up to $220.00, there was a small Prize Debt of $69.95. It took between 10-14 days for delivery.

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